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Take The Time To Get Educated About Your Money

  Fact: I washed a piece of tin foil this weekend. Then I re-used it. Is that crazy?  Maybe.  A couple of years ago, if you had told me that you had washed tin foil and re-used it, I would have judged you, hard. Real hard. And I probably would have gone out and bought you a box of foil as a sympathy gift. But, people change sometimes. I know that’s true because it happened to me.  About a decade ago, I began to realize that our retirement was our responsibility. Frankly, it felt like someone was dragging me over to a cliff, and then shoving me over the edge. Like those terrible falling dreams, you know the ones that cause you to jerk awake, heart racing? Yea, that was the feeling. No pension, no major inheritance, no money tree growing in the back yard. A Scary Wake Up Call It was a sudden realization that decades were zipping past us, and we were moving in financial slow motion.  It was up to us to decide what type of retirement and lifestyle we were going to enjoy in our later years.  Frankly, I found that reality seriously scary. Like most Americans, we were living beyond our income, ignoring the long term consequences of our choices. This past weekend I read an article titled “73% of Americans have financial regrets-...

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Retirement Financial Seminars, Are They Worth It?

      Last night Mr. Money Tree and I went to a financial seminar, focusing on retirement. The seminar was offered by Edleman Financial Services. You might have heard Ric Edleman on the radio,heard his podcast or maybe you have read one of his many books. You know, the guy describes his website as “Rice Delman’? His show, “The Truth About Money” is nationwide on talk radio. This post is a unpaid, unsolicited review of the seminar. I wanted to share what I learned with you so you can decide if this seminar would be beneficial to your retirement planning. What to Expect At The Financial Seminar A couple of weeks ago, Mr. Money Tree heard an ad, on an Edleman podcast, for this financial seminar. If you read this blog, you know that we are DIY’ing our retirement. So, we are always looking for more ideas and education for our retirement planning. The cost was advertised as $25.00 per couple. Being a thrifty dude himself, Mr. Money Tree found an online code for free registration. So, we went to the event for free. Sweet! Love that man! These seminars are offered all around the country, so check out this site to see if you have one near you. Our seminar was held at a local Hilton, on a weeknight evening, in one of their conference rooms. Upon...

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Let’s Play Retirement!

    Man oh man! These past two weeks have been rough going for most of the nation, icy weather and snow in all the wrong places! Mr. and Mrs. Money Tree are from the Midwest. Translation: we figure that with enough salt and 4 WD, we can make it happen Captain! Except when we can’t. Mr. Money Tree has been stuck at home quite a bit due to icy roads. The first day it was a novelty, the second day it was still kinda fun, every day after that has become a test of our mutual love and devotion. Because the roads are treacherous, we are here all day. Together. No option to leave, or run a quick errand. Lots of couple time, more than we are used to frankly. That got me thinking about retirement. Now, granted Mr. Money Tree was able to work remotely from home during the bad weather, but I decided to take some time to observe what it might be like for us when he retires. At this point, retirement is loosely defined as not having to go to work to pay the bills. A rudimentary definition for sure, but hey, we are just really starting to connect with the reality of retirement. And now, I present you with the 3 Things We Might Struggle with in Retirement: Food Expectations. Basically, Mr. Money...

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3 Steps Into Savings

    “You can’t measure what you don’t manage”~ Peter Drucker, time management expert Have you heard of this guy? He was the bomb diggity in business concepts decades ago. The interwebz are confused about who really said that quote, but we are going to let that slide for today. Drucker means that you can’t know whether or not you are successful unless success is defined and tracked.  This concept has significant ramifications in the business world, and it certainly impacts those of us living a thrifty lifestyle. Think of the FitBit fan base. Health metrics are gold. Heart rate, calorie burn and step count all help to steer you toward your goal. Are you up for an extra step to help you realize more savings? It is worth saying that most frugal tips are like antiques, passed down thru generations. But even if it is an oldie, thrift never gets moldy! (Insert pitiful, weak laugh) There are some things in my frugal lifestyle that require an extra step. Can it be a hassle? You betcha! Is it worth it? I think so.  Below are three simple extra steps to take that will help you manage and measure your financial savings.   Weigh the bag of pre-bagged produce. Just do it. My method- grab 3 bags of pre-bagged produce and toss each one individually on the scale. You will be amazed at the...

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Turn Trash Into Cash

Psst! You! Yeah, you want some solid advice? When someone offers you free stuff, take it. One of the hustles I have going on right now is finding inexpensive items and selling them for a tasty profit.  I specialize in vintage goodies, just say the phrase “mid century modern” and I’m ringing your front doorbell. Most of my inventory comes from thrift shops. Resale stores are like going to the circus for me; uniquely dressed people, odd smells and there is always at least one clown( picture a creepy clown holding a small white kitten painted on black velvet)! But, today, was like a Cinderella story, rags to riches!  I was able to skip the middle man (the thrift store) and head right to the supplier. Yes, I got to dig thru the remains of a recent estate sale, looking for hidden treasure. Talk about heart racing, adrenaline pumping, junk monkey fun!! Basically, I found a small pot of gold at the end of a rainbow in my friend’s dim and dirty two car garage. My friend and his wife are selling/dumping everything and moving into their camper full time. Planning on traveling the United States for a year, then settling down somewhere warm. Sounds like fun doesn’t it? I think when you hit midlife, something stirs inside of you and overhauling your lifestyle becomes enticing.  My friends are...

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