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Take The Time To Get Educated About Your Money

  Fact: I washed a piece of tin foil this weekend. Then I re-used it. Is that crazy?  Maybe.  A couple of years ago, if you had told me that you had washed tin foil and re-used it, I would have judged you, hard. Real hard. And I probably would have gone out and bought you a box of foil as a sympathy gift. But, people change sometimes. I know that’s true because it happened to me.  About a decade ago, I began to realize that our retirement was our responsibility. Frankly, it felt like someone was dragging me over to a cliff, and then shoving me over the edge. Like those terrible falling dreams, you know the ones that cause you to jerk awake, heart racing? Yea, that was the feeling. No pension, no major inheritance, no money tree growing in the back yard. A Scary Wake Up Call It was a sudden realization that decades were zipping past us, and we were moving in financial slow motion.  It was up to us to decide what type of retirement and lifestyle we were going to enjoy in our later years.  Frankly, I found that reality seriously scary. Like most Americans, we were living beyond our income, ignoring the long term consequences of our choices. This past weekend I read an article titled “73% of Americans have financial regrets-...

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Every Financial Goal Is A Unique Journey

    Big Financial Goal. I got one. How about you? I bet if we were to compare our goals, some might be identical (FI aka Financial Independence) and others would be very far apart. For example, one of my goals is to knit a pair of socks. Yup. I got #grannygoals Mr. Money Tree often reminds me that I am able to walk into most stores and buy some socks.  In fact, he is right. I can walk into most stores and buy socks. Socks for the masses. The socks I want to create are just for me. My colors, my pattern, my socks. I would argue that goals are the same in theory. Most goals are not for the masses. Many goals are personal in nature. Unique and individual, goals are YOUR estimation of what is worthy of your time and efforts.  The trick is to realize that anything that moves you forward in skills, self development and character is a worthy goal. Admittedly, I have judged others goals unfairly.  For almost a decade, Mr. Money Tree had a goal of hiking to every high point in the United States, known as highpointing. I could not understand his desire to walk, hike, or crawl to the highest point anywhere, especially fifty of them.  For awhile, our family trips centered on grabbing a high point as we vacationed....

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Train Yourself To Follow Through With Your Finances

Half assed. Have you heard that term? That was a frequent saying around my childhood home. Cussing and cursing were pretty rare in my early life, but one thing my parents hated was a job half done.  Not surprisingly, it wasn’t a problem for me!  Close enough was good enough in my world. So the other day, I was tidying up my house.  Picking up random stuff and returning it to the proper location. About 20 minutes into this task, I noticed a pattern. I am solid on picking the item up, walking it to the right spot, but I seem to lack the discipline to actually put it away. For example: hair ties. I picked up a number of hair ties and walked them to the bathroom, set them on the counter, and left. I totally skipped the step of opening the drawer and actually putting them away. Properly and out of sight.  Not cool. And frankly, half assed. Slightly ashamed of the lack of follow thru, I challenged myself to put the item in the right location, no matter how many additional physical movements were required. I have no circumstances or physical issues that would prevent me from actually opening a drawer, putting a book on a bookshelf or tossing shoes into a shoe bin. It would appear that my problem is a mental one. My old...

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How To Balance Your Spending Habits

( I know the above rock image is unbalanced! I am a writer, not a graphic artist, people!)   I was running errands today, and I zipped into the Mickey Dee’s drive through for a coffee. (Don’t judge) There was a silver minivan right in front of me. An older gentleman was behind the steering wheel, placing his order. After he finished, I moved up to the order kiosk and it hits me~   Cheap Men’s cologne   Like a blanket of fake pheromones and grandmas spice rack, the scent was suffocating. It shimmied into my driver’s side window as I held my breath, waiting to place my order. I quickly opened my passenger window to help free the rowdy smell. Unbelievably, as I moved to the next window to pay, it was there. Waiting. Relentless in its pursuit of nostrils to penetrate, the odor filled my mouth as I spoke to the window cashier.  I scrapped my tongue on my teeth as I tried to free my head from the cloud of stink. Holding my breath, I grabbed my coffee at the last window. “Eternally Sexy” moved fast as I opened my driver’s side window, floating into the large open space of my older minivan, settling into my floor carpets and fabric seats.  Holy Cheap Aftershave Batman! I haven’t smelled that much cologne since the late 1980’s when...

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Make A Commitment To Push Through Your Problems

Funny story. I put my minivan in a snow bank a couple of Saturdays ago. Driving home from the gym, with Mr. Money Tree, I lost control of the van and spun us into a snow bank.  When we stopped sliding, we were in a deep pile of snow, tilting downhill. Mr. Money Tree: (sighing heavily) Guess we better call a tow truck.  It is going be a long wait until it gets here. Me: NO!  We can dig it out ourselves! Let’s save money and time! Mr. Money Tree: Okay, do you have any shovels to dig with? Me: (scanning the minivan)  No… but we have a windshield scraper and a Rubbermaid lid! Think of the really funny story we will have after this is over! Mr. Money Tree: (skeptical, why me? eyes rolling around face) Me: (big smile, trying to look super cute) And, forty minutes later, we were out.  It wasn’t quick, it wasn’t ideal, but we worked as a team, using what we had to accomplish our goal. The biggest thing we had going for us was commitment. We were committed to digging the van out. Working as a team, we saved the towing fee, and rescued our time that would have been wasted waiting for a tow truck.  Our tools weren’t idea, a snow scraper and a Rubbermaid container lid, but we used what...

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