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Thirty Chores To Make Your Home More Peaceful

      Hey ya’ll, we are rolling up on a Holiday Weekend here in the United States. Most of us have plans to sit down and relax at home, maybe cook some burgers and chill with Netflix. How about setting aside some time to intentionally create peace in your home? It is pretty likely that you will find yourself with some extra time in the next couple of days. Why not spend some time working around the house? Studies show that a clean house results in a peaceful mind.  To help you get in a peaceful flow, I created a list of thirty chores to tackle this weekend.  The list is split between outdoor and indoor, in case you have rain, or almost as bad, outdoor allergies! Outside Tasks ( some will need a ladder to complete) Clean your gutters Clean the windows Check the roof for missing or loose shingles Get rid of any old or active wasp nests hanging in the house eves Plug any holes in the roof lines/peaks/soffits that would let critters into your attic Trim any branches that are hanging over roof or gutters. Scrub bird poop from deck railings and front porch Sweep front porch, focus on cobweb removal Freshen up front welcome mat, scrub or replace Wash  window screens Wash outdoor furniture Clean the grill Pull weeds in cement  and brick paver...

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Retirement Financial Seminars, Are They Worth It?

      Last night Mr. Money Tree and I went to a financial seminar, focusing on retirement. The seminar was offered by Edleman Financial Services. You might have heard Ric Edleman on the radio,heard his podcast or maybe you have read one of his many books. You know, the guy describes his website as “Rice Delman’? His show, “The Truth About Money” is nationwide on talk radio. This post is a unpaid, unsolicited review of the seminar. I wanted to share what I learned with you so you can decide if this seminar would be beneficial to your retirement planning. What to Expect At The Financial Seminar A couple of weeks ago, Mr. Money Tree heard an ad, on an Edleman podcast, for this financial seminar. If you read this blog, you know that we are DIY’ing our retirement. So, we are always looking for more ideas and education for our retirement planning. The cost was advertised as $25.00 per couple. Being a thrifty dude himself, Mr. Money Tree found an online code for free registration. So, we went to the event for free. Sweet! Love that man! These seminars are offered all around the country, so check out this site to see if you have one near you. Our seminar was held at a local Hilton, on a weeknight evening, in one of their conference rooms. Upon...

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Ten Household Hacks To Save Time and Money!

    Chores. Ugh. If you are a person who is alive and breathing right now, you have chores.  Remember when you were a kid and you thought being “grown up” meant no more chores? And the sad thing is, many of us really thought it would be easier and more fun when we were older, because then we wouldn’t have  Mom or Dad telling us what to do. Hilarious, isn’t it? Fast forward twenty years, and now the stinky dish filled sink and loads of lethal smelling laundry are telling us what to do. Pass me some Household Hacks! And don’t forget to check out this post if your house has a strange odor! Since we are a frugal bunch, we want to save time and money. Here are ten ways to “hack” the everyday, regular old chore list. Spend less time on chores and more time on the things that grownups love: i.e. Netflix and napping. Ten Everyday Household Hacks: Stop folding your underwear, ladies! Seriously, hours of your life are wasted as you fold underwear. Just throw them in the drawer, grab and go later. Wash your pillowcases inside out. When you put the pillow in the case, it is way easier to roll it up and over the top if it is inside out. Your hands work on the outside of the case, not the...

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Are You In Financial Denial? Here Are Three Reasons To Take Action!

  Denial.  It is not just a river in Egypt, people. Let’s talk about the disturbing conversation I had today. I was in a office lobby, waiting for my meeting to start. I was chatting with a casual male friend. Nice guy, mid thirties, wife, kids, healthy and smart. He was telling with me that he was hoping to golf today. I asked him how his schooling was progressing. He has been enrolled in a law university to finish up a degree. He was sharing how he was waiting to hear if he had received approval for a credit transfer. Then he mentioned that he was taking two more classes this summer, just as something to do. Jokingly, I asked him if he enjoyed throwing money on the “college burn pile.”  I still can’t believe what he said next.  He looked straight at me and said “Oh, it’s all on federal loans. I took my first loan out in 1998 and still taking them out today.” I stared at him, stunned at his casual response. Then he offered this information- “I think my loan amount is around $235,000.00. Wait, maybe closer to $240,000 since I am taking those two summer classes. “ Holy Debt Load Batman! How do I respond to that revelation? Maybe- Congratulations? Or possibly- OMG?  How about – No freakin’ way? I just stood there, shivering...

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Need An Easy Mother’s Day Gift? Give Her A Book!

Ah, Mother’s Day! The one day a year that  Mom can sit down and read a whole book while being waited on by her loving, doting offspring. Breakfast in bed, perfectly clean house, all day to read and nap. If that isn’t your Mother’s Day experience, I feel you friend. Although I could always count on breakfast in bed, prepared by my grumpy little chefs, the rest of the day was usually a crapshoot. Not surprisingly, the most memorable Mother’s Day at our house was the time our son threw a Frisbee and nailed me right in the forehead- while I was chatting with my mother-in-law.  Shortly after that incident, he managed to catch the local newspaper on fire while eating a snack at the kitchen table. Apparently he didn’t see or smell the lemon candle that was burning in the center of the table. You know, THE lemon candle that had been a Mother’s Day gift? So, in the spirit of a truly relaxing Mother’s Day, here are six books I recommend you buy for yourself. Or better yet, send the link to your kids (who probably already have Amazon Prime) and have them treat you for Mothers Day.   For the Business Minded Mom: “Business Boutique” by Christy Wright- I had the pleasure of hearing Christy in person at a recent seminar for business women. Her advice...

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