Hi! I am Mrs. Money Tree~

I love to learn and share financial tips, with a focus on intentional frugality.  When I grew up we had a saying about people who were good with money. We used to say that they could “Make the buffalo kiss its butt!”

Translation: Squeeze a nickel so tight it folded over!

Money is a game to me; I like to see how far I can stretch it.

Lately, the reality of retirement has been on my mind.

Questions like: How do I define retirement? How to be prepared for it? Will our investments be enough or will we have to keep working?  I am intrigued by financial decisions that people make, both the victories and the mistakes.

I am on a mission to DIY our retirement. No pension, no large inheritance, we are committed to make every dollar stretch further, to invest wisely and most importantly, to live in a mindset of contentment.

Being a homebody,most days I am hanging out with my dog, Pearl and Mr. Money Tree. We downsized to a new home recently, and I am hoping to create a mini-farm on our property. Chickens, bees and a large garden are on my homestead list.

Thanks for stopping by, I promise to share worthwhile, useful content on Midlife Money Tree.