Hey ya’ll, we are rolling up on a Holiday Weekend here in the United States. Most of us have plans to sit down and relax at home, maybe cook some burgers and chill with Netflix. How about setting aside some time to intentionally create peace in your home?

It is pretty likely that you will find yourself with some extra time in the next couple of days. Why not spend some time working around the house? Studies show that a clean house results in a peaceful mind.  To help you get in a peaceful flow, I created a list of thirty chores to tackle this weekend.  The list is split between outdoor and indoor, in case you have rain, or almost as bad, outdoor allergies!

Outside Tasks ( some will need a ladder to complete)
  1. Clean your gutters
  2. Clean the windows
  3. Check the roof for missing or loose shingles
  4. Get rid of any old or active wasp nests hanging in the house eves
  5. Plug any holes in the roof lines/peaks/soffits that would let critters into your attic
  6. Trim any branches that are hanging over roof or gutters.
  7. Scrub bird poop from deck railings and front porch
  8. Sweep front porch, focus on cobweb removal
  9. Freshen up front welcome mat, scrub or replace
  10. Wash  window screens
  11. Wash outdoor furniture
  12. Clean the grill
  13. Pull weeds in cement  and brick paver cracks
  14. Patch asphalt driveway cracks and holes
  15. Replace rotted wood trim around windows


Inside Tasks (in case it your weekend is soggy)
  1. Wash pet bedding and wipe down cages
  2. Trim pets nails
  3. Descale and clean coffee pot
  4. Dust decorative mirrors in house
  5. Clean light fixtures
  6. Spot treat carpet stains
  7. Soak a load of whites in bleach
  8. Organize candle collection, use up half burned candles or give to Goodwill (people will buy them, really!)
  9. Collect a box of clutter and drop off at Goodwill or Salvation Army. Both are open this weekend, and on Memorial Day.
  10. Clean stove, make sure to wash the vent screen in the bottom of the microwave
  11. Defrost freezer, be ruthless and toss old nasty freezer burned food.
  12. Clean out pantry, again, face reality and toss food that won’t be consumed.
  13. Scrub the kitchen sink, get the gunk out of the edges and faucet handle
  14. Scrub grout stains in bathroom tile
  15. Clean out the tracks on the sliding screen for the door wall.


Feeling Peaceful Reduces Emotional Spending

Pick a handful off this list and get busy! I admit, creating this list is way more fun than actually working thru some of these tasks. But we all know that home maintenance is critical to our happiness level. A cluttered, smelly, unkept for house can drain your emotional tank, am I right? Yea, I thought so. (Check out this previous post focusing on getting rid of the smells in your home). When my environment is pleasant, I am more likely to be content. When I am content, I am less likely to look for happiness in shopping or pointless spending.

Think of it this way: Maintaining a pleasant home is one way to reduce retail therapy. Peace in your home will create peace in your soul.


Make sure to reward yourself, and your team if you have one, with something fun after the work is done. Grab a glass of wine and sit outside on your clean patio. Or pack everyone in the car for an ice cream run.  Mr. Money Tree and I always found that “dangling a carrot” in front of our kids really helped them push thru the hated household chores.

Enjoy the holiday weekend, and take some time to reflect on the sacrifice of our military families. America is truly a blessed nation, we have much to be thankful for in this country!

Photo Credit: yourbestdigs Flickr via Compfight cc