Last night Mr. Money Tree and I went to a financial seminar, focusing on retirement. The seminar was offered by Edleman Financial Services. You might have heard Ric Edleman on the radio,heard his podcast or maybe you have read one of his many books. You know, the guy describes his website as “Rice Delman’? His show, “The Truth About Money” is nationwide on talk radio.

This post is a unpaid, unsolicited review of the seminar. I wanted to share what I learned with you so you can decide if this seminar would be beneficial to your retirement planning.

What to Expect At The Financial Seminar

A couple of weeks ago, Mr. Money Tree heard an ad, on an Edleman podcast, for this financial seminar. If you read this blog, you know that we are DIY’ing our retirement. So, we are always looking for more ideas and education for our retirement planning. The cost was advertised as $25.00 per couple. Being a thrifty dude himself, Mr. Money Tree found an online code for free registration. So, we went to the event for free. Sweet! Love that man! These seminars are offered all around the country, so check out this site to see if you have one near you.

Our seminar was held at a local Hilton, on a weeknight evening, in one of their conference rooms. Upon arriving, we checked in and grabbed some complimentary beverages, water, hot tea and coffee.  We walked into the conference room and found our seats; each seat had some decent swag. A pen, a thick notepad, a conference packet and a copy of Ric Edlemans book “The Truth About Retirement Plans and IRAs.”

Yippee!! I love pens and paper, and books are my love language! I couldn’t be happier with my freebies!

The seminar was approximately 90 minutes long. We had a spunky, engaging female speaker, one of the Edleman Financial Services (EFS) team that tours the country offering this seminar. She had a difficult task of presenting 3 hours of information into a 90 minute window. We covered three topics: Investing, Social Security and Estate Administration.  I will be not sharing any of the information covered, I am not qualified to advise on any of those topics.

Like you might imagine, listening to our speaker was like drinking from a firefighters’ hose. She was clear and succinct, but the volume of information was overwhelming. Fortunately, Mr. and I have been listening to hours of podcasts on the topic of financial prep for retirement.  Still, after an hour, I found myself mentally checking out.  If you are new to the idea and terms that surround retirement, be prepared to be buried in the lingo.

After our speaker completed her presentation, we were directed to fill out an evaluation of her speaking skills.  At the bottom of that survey, we were asked to share our response to the event.  The purpose of the event was to encourage us to reach out to Edleman Finanical Services for further services. As soon as the speaker was done, two financial planners walked into the room and began answering any questions that we might have regarding their services or the presentation. At that point, we turned in our card for the free follow up appointment, and left the premises.


I would encourage anyone, at any age, to take a night and check out this seminar. It is engaging, informative and full of “need to know” tips. One of the benefits of attending the seminar is the opportunity to meet with a planner for free to review your current financial plans/state. Basically a Second Opinion on your financial plan. Additionally, there is another option to meet with an EFS planner and receive a onetime financial plan, for approximately $800.00.

The seminar attendees were promised no stalking, creeping or endless phone calls from EFS. We could expect to receive a follow up phone call within 48 hours of the event, and that did happen within 24 hours.

Our Action Steps

Mr. Money Tree and I have decided to take EFS up on their offer for a second opinion. We have used a financial planner in the recent past, and want to hear what another planner might suggest.  We will continue to listen to the Ric Edleman show “The Truth About Money” on radio/podcast and of course, continue our education thru books and financial magazines.

If you are able to attend a local seminar, I would encourage you to go ahead and sign up. Our experience was casual and there was no high pressure sales/closing. It is never too soon to begin preparing for your retirement!

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