Ah, Mother’s Day! The one day a year that  Mom can sit down and read a whole book while being waited on by her loving, doting offspring. Breakfast in bed, perfectly clean house, all day to read and nap.

If that isn’t your Mother’s Day experience, I feel you friend.

Although I could always count on breakfast in bed, prepared by my grumpy little chefs, the rest of the day was usually a crapshoot. Not surprisingly, the most memorable Mother’s Day at our house was the time our son threw a Frisbee and nailed me right in the forehead- while I was chatting with my mother-in-law.  Shortly after that incident, he managed to catch the local newspaper on fire while eating a snack at the kitchen table. Apparently he didn’t see or smell the lemon candle that was burning in the center of the table. You know, THE lemon candle that had been a Mother’s Day gift?

So, in the spirit of a truly relaxing Mother’s Day, here are six books I recommend you buy for yourself. Or better yet, send the link to your kids (who probably already have Amazon Prime) and have them treat you for Mothers Day.


For the Business Minded Mom:

Business Boutique” by Christy Wright- I had the pleasure of hearing Christy in person at a recent seminar for business women. Her advice is fresh, actionable and on trend.

You Don’t Have To Be A Shark: Creating Your Own Success” by Robert Herjavec –  Who doesn’t love this guy? He is the nicest Shark in the Tank, plus he has an amazing life journey.


For the International Intrigue Mom:

Princess: A True Story of Life Behind The Veil In Saudi Arabia” by Jean Sasson- I read this book in one day! This book is based the life of a Middle Eastern Princess as she struggles to accept her Patriarchal culture.

“The Nightingale” by Kristin Hannah – A fascinating and heartbreaking account of two French sisters who are deeply involved in the Nazi Resistance.  The story consumed me; I struggled to put the book down, even to sleep!


For the Romantic Mom who doesn’t want all the sex scenes in her love stories:

Redeeming Love” by Francine Rivers- A tender story of heartbreak and redemption set in the California Gold Rush era. Buy a box of tissues for this novel. On second thought, get two boxes.

““Thorn in My Heart” Liz Curtis Higgs- An intricate, soul crushing re-telling of the Biblical story of Jacob, Leah and Rachel. Set in the Scottish Lowlands, this book made me so mad that I threw it at the end. And then I bought the next one in the series!


There is nothing more relaxing than a captivating story. My suggestion for the best Mother’s Day ever? Help Mom to her favorite chair, bring her a nice cool drink and then GO AWAY!


This post contains affiliate links. That means some of these products share a little money with me when you buy them, thank you!


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