Babies: 50% adorable, 50% splatter machines.


Recently, I was invited to a baby shower.  Wanting to give a gift that was personal and useful, I scanned Etsy to see the trending baby gifts. So many lovely custom diaper bags, cloth diaper covers, and burp cloths in the shops. Taking my time and skills into account, I decided to make burp cloths.  Burp cloths on Esty start at $5.00/cloth, topping out around $12.00 for a highly customized product.  I am in total agreement with paying a fair price for any product/service, but I knew that I could make my own for much less.

There is a strong “maker” movement right now in our country. Micro-breweries, artisan food, thrift store up-cycling have all paved the way for “Makers to make”.  Handmade items are now preferred and totally respectable. Don’t be afraid to use the skills you possess to make a unique gift, and save yourself some dollars in the process. My only requirement is that you make something that is high quality and will bless the person that is receiving your efforts. If in doubt, go out and buy something off the registry!

Doing a quick search for baby burp cloth patterns, I found a quick, efficient and cute free pattern.  Here is the one that I used.

I made a dozen baby burp cloths, gender neutral because Mom and Dad are waiting for the big reveal to happen during delivery! It is so fun that they are doing things the old fashioned way!

Each one has a 100% cotton print on the front and 100% cotton flannel backing. Using current prices for high quality fabric, each burp cloth cost $1.66, including thread. I spent about 2 hours choosing fabric, cutting and sewing the gift. My approximate cost is $19.92/per dozen (I did not add an hourly rate for my time; sewing is a hobby for me).  Purchasing similar burp cloths from an Etsy shop, I would have spent $60.00 on the product, with an additional cost for shipping.

The online tutorial for these burp cloths is fantastic, clearly written and lots of pictures. I am going to share a couple of my in progress pics.


Choose fabric and pattern



Following online tutorial, cut out burp cloth.


Don’t forget, sew right sides together!

A dozen whimsical gender neutral baby burp cloths, with flannel backing.

The next time you need a gift, take a moment and think about what you could make.

Being part of the trendy Maker movement > Buying cheap stuff from China- You decide!


Are you a Maker? Tell me about your process in the comments!



Photo Credit: Emma Varley Flickr via Compfight cc