It’s the little things.

Just one tiny detail.

A minor oversight.

I dread hearing those words. The phrases listed above are the ones that can stop progess, halt completion and at times, derail your life plan.

Little details muck up my life in one of two ways:  Ignorance, or willful neglect.



Recently, I went to a new dentist. I had been avoiding my old dentist because we had different ideas on things like the use of fluoride and x-ray frequency. If you had asked me, I would have told you that I have a loose crown, but other than that, my dental health was top notch.

Except it wasn’t.

As I sat in the chair, I was stunned to hear that I had gum issues.  I had no notable symptoms, no warning signs, I really had no clue.  After leaving the dentist, I called my Mom.  I asked her if she had gum issues.  Yes, she answered, I have minor issues. Furthermore, she informed me, that the decade I had my braces done is now called “The Decade of Dental Destruction” by modern dentistry. As a result of the way things were done, adults my age have dental issues as an unintended outcome of the 1980’s orthodontics. Apparently the bands that were used for braces are now known to cause receding gums. Additionally, pulling “extra teeth” to make more room in the mouth can cause your cheeks to sink in, since the missing teeth helped to support your facial framework. Who knew???

Simply. Awesome.

The good news is that the dental stuff is not out of control. It can be managed. My ignorance was probably the most stunning part of that experience. I had no knowledge, and therefore wasn’t prepared to hear that I needed some dental intervention.

Willful Neglect

A couple of years ago, Mr. Money Tree and I did an Estate Plan.  Being big Dave Ramsey fans, we took his advice and got our legal life clearly defined.  It cost a couple of thousand dollars, but it was a good feeling to know that we were all legit in the “legacy” department.

And then we moved to a new home.

Frequently, I listen to Dave Ramsey’s podcast as I putter around the house.  For months now, I have been hearing people talk about estate plans. The good, the bad and the horrendous problems that are a result of poor judgment, ignorance or just plain laziness.   And in my head, I think, I should call the attorney and see if there are any changes that need to be made due to our move.

But that conversation doesn’t sound like fun, so I put off making the phone call.

Last night, knitting row after row on a sock, I am again listening to Dave Ramsey. He is talking with an adult child who is having legal issues due to their deceased parent being lazy in the Estate planning process.

When you hear something over and over, you know it is a sign to take action, right? I call that God. Some might call it intuition, the Universe, or claim their own brilliance, but for me, that would be God nudging me toward action.

So, I called the Estate Lawyer today. Look at how smart I am, listening to God!

Our new home is not in our Estate Plan, so if something had happened to activate the Plan, the home would be outside the legal provisions.  Which would result in a big hassle, and very possibly an expensive fix for our heirs. They might even shake their fist at the heavens and regret being born into a family that had Estate planning fail.

The fix is simple; a new document will be prepared and added to the Plan. For the small sum of $200.00! A couple hundred bucks is a small price to save our kids any legal headaches. Maybe I can figure out a way to pass that cost on to them, call it an Inheritance Maintenance Fee?

Let me encourage you today to take action on the small things! Ignoring the tiny details can often snowball into a bigger, more expensive problems, we all know this, and yet we stall taking steps to resolve the concern. I have a phrase that I say to myself when I am fearing the outcome of a situation.

F.E.A.R.- False Evidence Appearing Real

Don’t let the unholy Trinity of fear, ignorance or willful neglect impact your life. Get educated, ask questions and make sure to keep on eye on the little things.

At minimum go see your Dentist and make sure your Estate Plan is airtight!

Photo Credit: cmaddison Flickr via Compfight cc