Question: Have you ever been around someone who is cheap and mean?

Most of us in the frugal community strive to save money. It can be enjoyable to stretch our paychecks, seeing how long we can say “no” to impulse purchases or needless spending. Sometimes we often plan a “no spend” month, focusing our energy and emotions on using up what we already own.

Money can be like playing a game. Have you ever played a game with someone that cheated or had character issues? The fun factor really bottoms out doesn’t it?

Mr. Money Tree and I were out for breakfast a little while ago. Our sweet waitress was crazy busy, serving on both sides of the eatery.  I asked her how her morning was going; she was slammed because she was also serving a large group of men from a local church. They meet monthly at this restaurant for breakfast and visiting. I looked at her directly and said “I bet they barely tip you, right?” She slightly smiled and said “its okay, it happens.”

My sweet waitress friend is wrong. It is not okay to be cheap and mean, people.

Upfront disclaimer, I am a Christian. So, I get to call out crappy behavior from other people who say they are Christians.

Cheap Christians Suck.

Jesus was the most generous person that ever lived. He died for our sins!  It isn’t cool to make Him look like a stingy cheapskate when you eat out after church, putting your Bible on the tabletop so everyone knows that you are” serious” about God.  /rant


Here are my top three cheap and mean moves:

  1. No tipping or low tipping. As I mentioned, don’t be a tightwad jerk when you eat out. In my early working years, I was both a waitress and a bartender. I remember the anger I felt when I had provided an enjoyable experience for a table, and they walk out leaving zero tip. Well, here is a tip for all those cheap and mean people~ Wait staff have photographic memories, we don’t forget a face.
  2. Making guests pay for their dinner, at your house. Okay, this move will guarantee a new level of awkward for everyone. Here is the scenario: You invite people over for dinner. You mention the menu, something like “How about Chinese?” or “You guys like pizza?”  Your guests respond to “yes!” to your invite, and dinner is served. Everyone eats, and then you, the host, clearing your throat, ask your guests to fork over the cash for their Pupu Platter. Not cool. If you can’t pay for the whole meal, either eat out on separate checks, or prepare a homemade meal for your friends. People hate to be ambushed, especially with a financial “ask”.
  3. Sending your used clothing (rags) to the Thrift Store for a tax deduction. Seriously people, if you won’t wear it anymore, why would you send it to a store to be thrown away? No one buys used underwear. People don’t buy oil stained shirts. Broken zippers on jeans don’t work for anyone. Before you donate it, truthfully evaluate the value of the item.  Cut up underwear for garage rags, make a stained sweatshirt bed for your dog, and maybe offer the broken jeans to a person who sews. Just stop donating things that are virtually worthless. It creates extra work and makes you look cheap and mean.  /rant,again



Sadly, there is a reason that frugal people have a Scrooge (ish) reputation.  Money is a tool. It can be used to bless people, and it can be used to hurt people.  Your use of money will always tell the truth about who you are in your soul.

Let’s ask ourselves: What messages about money and our character are we sending?

What cheap and mean moves make you go on a rant?


Photo Credit: twm1340 Flickr via Compfight cc