A worldview is a funny thing. It seems that we can look at almost any event, process or story and find glimpses of our beliefs.

As I watched the Inaugural process, I couldn’t help but find parallels in the personal financial world.

Some simple, quick thoughts about what I “saw” as I watched the Presidential transition.

A Committed Group Effort- Everyone knew the plan, and more importantly, they worked the plan. Secret Service Agents were in place, confident and in constant communication. Working together they completed the goal, the peaceful, safe transition of power.

So how does this transfer to the personal financial world?

Let’s follow the simple steps:

  • Awareness: We must know the scope of our job. Be aware of the big issues, and keep your eye on the small details. Scan the financial horizon for potential disrupters such as unexpected car repairs, costly health bills, or potential household repairs.
  • Honor: Be committed to your team. Spouses, work together. Financial advancement will only happen when you are working in sync. Each member of the team knows the plan, and has agreed to work towards the goal.
  • Protection: Make a vow to protect your financial health. No more additional debt. Keep your hands off the money that has been invested for retirement. Stay the course, no swerving!


Like protecting the President, financial balance takes energy, time and wisdom. It is a full time job. Threats and potential slip-ups are everywhere, but you are a committed, informed team player.

Know the plan. Work the plan.

Stay safe out there

Photo Credit: ispguvenlik Flickr via Compfight cc