Ten Household Hacks To Save Time and Money!

    Chores. Ugh. If you are a person who is alive and breathing right now, you have chores.  Remember when you were a kid and you thought being “grown up” meant no more chores? And the sad thing is, many of us really...

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Every Financial Goal Is A Unique Journey

    Big Financial Goal. I got one. How about you? I bet if we were to compare our goals, some might be identical (FI aka Financial Independence) and others would be very far apart. For example, one of my goals is to...

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How To Balance Your Spending Habits

( I know the above rock image is unbalanced! I am a writer, not a graphic artist, people!)   I was running errands today, and I zipped into the Mickey Dee’s drive through for a coffee. (Don’t judge) There was a silver...

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Don’t Get Lost In The Details!

  It’s the little things. Just one tiny detail. A minor oversight. I dread hearing those words. The phrases listed above are the ones that can stop progess, halt completion and at times, derail your life plan. Little...

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