Let’s Play Retirement!

    Man oh man! These past two weeks have been rough going for most of the nation, icy weather and snow in all the wrong places! Mr. and Mrs. Money Tree are from the Midwest. Translation: we figure that with enough...

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How Property Brothers Saved My Marriage

  Okay, Property Brothers didn’t really save my marriage, but they did help us stop fighting about how to market our home. Drew and Jonathan were like Netflix marriage counselors, making suggestions and encouraging us to...

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Use It Up Challenge: Travel Size Edition

      It’s almost a week into the New Year. Resolutions, goals and challenges are everywhere! Here is one of my 2017 simple decluttering challenges: Use all  of that up!    ⇑ ⇑ ⇑ Isn’t it fun to bring home all...

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What To Do When Your House Smells

Last week I returned home after running some errands. Stepping into the entry way, my first thought was: “My house stinks!” Followed by: Whoa, when did this smell show up?  What IS THAT SMELL? I have HOUSEATOSIS!!* Immediately,...

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3 Steps Into Savings

    “You can’t measure what you don’t manage”~ Peter Drucker, time management expert Have you heard of this guy? He was the bomb diggity in business concepts decades ago. The interwebz are confused about who really...

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Income Report for August

  Welcome to my monthly income report. Like so many other gig hustlers, I am working on developing several income streams. I love to read other income reports, they make me feel brave and believe that I can do it too!  But...

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Four Secrets To Winning A Small Claims Case

  Part One~ How We Ended Up In Small Claims Court Last year Mr. Midlife and I decided to downsize. Kids were gone, most of the pets had died and we had more house than we needed.  Life was amazing living on a golf course,...

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